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Discuss your previous yoga experience (if any) with me, your yoga goals, and any concerns you may have before our first session.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” ~ Anonymous

What To Expect

Peace Yoga At Home Heather Gagnon

Anytime we try something new, it can be intimidating and scary. If yoga is brand new for you, or it’s been a while since you unrolled your mat, you may think you need to be flexible or able to do each pose perfectly.

The truth is…if you can breathe, you can do yoga!


Bring a yoga mat, any props you’d like to use (blocks, a strap, a blanket), and some water.


Wear comfortable, athletic-type clothing that allows you to bend, twist, fold forward, and relax.

We begin our session by reviewing any concerns you may have or body parts you are taking care of, then, we will notice our breathing.
We’ll move onto some poses and learn how to use props, like blocks, blankets, and straps so that we can find ease in each shape.

We end the practice with a few moments of stillness and quiet, called savasana (sha-vas-a-na).

Before we schedule our next session, we’ll discuss any questions or concerns you may have, and I’ll give you some homework (a short practice to do before we meet again).

“Be filled with wonder…be touched by peace.”

Although I am here to guide you through the practice, yoga is an individual journey, and it is your task to honor your body where you are today.

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