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Get ready to feel grounded, focused, and peaceful, while building strength and flexibility in your body and mind.

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Think you’re not flexible enough to do yoga? Curious about how yoga can help you? Begin your yoga journey with a Starter Pack — 3 private virtual yoga sessions designed to address your specific needs and goals.

Weekly Classes

Unroll your mat and practice with me from home! Several live-stream yoga classes are offered each week. Enjoy a complete practice in 30 minutes or challenge yourself with a 60 minute yoga class. Bonus pop-up classes are offered several times each month.

On-Demand Classes

Get access to over 100 yoga classes with the video-on-demand library. Practice with me any time, anywhere. Classes vary in length and intensity. Find the practice you need, when you need it.

Peace Yoga
at Home

Virtual yoga classes and private sessions

Before I found yoga, I was on a mission to get stuff done, check accomplishments off the list, and move on. I rarely noticed what was going on around me. I was most definitely not present because I was constantly preparing for the future. I had daily anxiety, frequent tension headaches, and a constant nagging worry-pit in my stomach.

When I took my first yoga class, I experienced a feeling of calm and peaceful stillness that literally changed my life.

Hello! I’m Heather Gagnon, ERYT, M.Ed., and I’ve been sharing yoga with our community since 2007. Being present, focused, and mindful is a daily practice, but yoga helps me balance the adventures of my life. I’d love to help you find peace within yourself!

Peace Yoga at Home will help you experience the benefits of yoga. The practice of yoga provides an opportunity to feel grounded, focused, and peaceful while building strength and flexibility. You will practice exploring the present moment by observing your breath, feeling sensations in the body, and noticing your thoughts in each yoga pose.

Peace Yoga at Home classes are designed to empower each yogi… YOU choose the intensity while breathing, moving, and noticing.


Balance the adventures of your life with yoga & a curious mindset.

I Don’t Have Time for Yoga

I Don’t Have Time for Yoga

When I tell people I’m a yoga teacher, they often respond with, “I’d love to do yoga, but I don’t have time.”

Really? You don’t have a spare five or ten minutes?

We all have the same 24 hours in our day. W get to make choices about how we spend a portion of that time. Keep reading to find out how to prioritize YOURSELF so that you can carve out a few minutes for yoga!

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Kindness Counts – How to Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others

Kindness Counts – How to Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others

Do we ever really know what someone is going through, has dealt with, or is feeling? Does the smile your neighbor greets you with at the mailbox mean she’s really feeling happy? Is the driver behind you angry because you stopped at the yellow light, or is he frustrated because he’s coping with a sick parent? Could your boss be short with you because she’s dealing with her child’s mental health issues? We don’t know, nor do we need to know everything about what other people are dealing with or have experienced. But there is something we can do… we can be kind!

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Ouch, My Back! Yoga Poses to Help with Back Pain

Ouch, My Back! Yoga Poses to Help with Back Pain

Raise your hand if you’ve ever suffered from back pain. I imagine most of us have experienced discomfort in the back at some point in their lives. The WHO estimates that 80% of the world population has experienced back pain. Often, this pain has no known cause (your doctor might call this, “non-specific” back pain). If it lasts for three or more months, it’s known as chronic pain.

If you’ve been to a doctor about non-specific back pain, he/she may have suggested that you strengthen your core or try yoga. That sounds great, but how do you strengthen your core, and which type of yoga would be the most effective?

Whether you’re looking to alleviate back pain or keep it away, I’ve got some yoga poses that can help…

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Yoga classes are for every BODY.

Thank you so much, Heather, for introducing me to yoga at HDS years ago when you so generously donated your time and talents to teach us and share your love of yoga. Your ability to teach such an inexperienced group with such joy and enthusiasm, as well as your total patience made every class so special and memorable. The rest is history! I have been with you and Peace Yoga ever since! The fantastic life-changing tools that you have given me are used with gratitude, and the wonderful benefits – physical and emotional, have seen me through obstacles with strength and optimism, as well as turning normal days into truly fabulous ones.

— Marge B.

When things began shutting down in 2020, one of my biggest worries was not having access to yoga classes. But somehow, in a matter of days, you figured out (almost seamlessly) how to bring yoga to people virtually. Those virtual classes are what kept me feeling connected to others and what helped me learn to release my need for control in a quickly changing world.

— Colleen T.

I truly love the online classes, as well as the library that I pull from multiple times during the week. Heather has helped me with techniques and motivation to make it through some difficult physical and mental journeys. I always knew I could turn to Peace Yoga and regroup.

— Katie R.

“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It’s about what you learn on the way down.”  ~ Judith Hanson Lasater

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